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Scribble Vegan Leather Desk Pad, Non-Slip, Single Sided, Black

Scribble Vegan Leather Desk Pad, Non-Slip, Single Sided, Black

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Scribble desk pads are designed to create a genuine leather desk pad experience, without using any animal skin. Our desk pads are manufactured from Polyurethane, (a material usually used for furniture or shoes) which is completely artificial and 100% vegan. 

At 40 x 80cm, Scribble desk pads are big enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse and keyboard leaving plenty of space to rest your arms while you type or browse or think.

Our unique ribbed back increases friction resistance by up to 70% compared to double sided mats. This makes the pad much more stable, and more difficult to move around your desk. This is particularly beneficial for gamers, and at no extra cost! 

All Scribble desk pads are waterproof, heat resistant and they're super-easy to clean. Simply wipe away spills from hot or cold drinks, they will even cope with the messier spillages such as dropped food (including the filling from your favourite sandwiches!) 

Scribble Direct are proud to offer a one-year warranty with all our desk pads, so you can be confident about of our industry-leading construction and quality.   

We're so happy with our desk pads we wrote a poem:

We truly think your desk will love our new pad, It deserves something shiny and new, If your opinion is the same as your desk's, Please leave a five-star review!

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